i like sunhats. sometimes i lose my moral code. live music can easily make me cry.




Alchemists meets Benders - FMA x ATLA/LOK by ~tissine

You know how Toph and Ed cheats on games, right? Now, who’s your bet? Also, if you watched the earlier FMA (not the Brotherhood), you’ll see why Mustang loves tiny mini skirts :D Oh, Bolin and Armstrong is my favorite pair. They’re just GORGEOUS.


when will my reflection show
who i am


The Lannister Family by ~bubug

Hot off the presses! We interrupt our SanSan Saturday to bring you a new piece by the illustrious bubug!


Someone take my tablet away from me.

first time animating ever so be nice


nobody fucks with the jesus jotun etc etc

Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones (because my brain has this terrible urge to make connections between everything I like, have the Harry Potter characters sorted into the houses of Westeros xD I wanted to make this a gifset but have no idea how to make gifs, so have some doodles instead. yes I really have no life.)

Harry Potter as House Stark | the boy who was promised, a thing for honour and “saving people”, and a house of orphans destined for great things.
♣ Hermione Granger as House Martell | headstrong, intelligent and outspoken - there’s a reason Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor.
♣ The Weasleys as House Tully | a loyal family of redheads, seemingly rustic but can surprise you with their badassery.
♣ Neville Longbottom as House Tyrell | because Tyrell’s words are so appropriate! a power that grows throughout the story, and the sigil fits Neville’s love of herbology.
♣ Luna Lovegood as House Arryn | an association with air and high places that fits Ravenclaw Tower; seen as detached and a bit kooky by others.
♣ The Malfoys as House Lannister | arrogant blondes loaded with old money that they use for political power… they are a close-knit family, in their own way (and Narcissa’s actions at the end are very much “a Lannister always pays her debts”)
Severus Snape as House Greyjoy | harsh and unforgiving; the house of Turncloaks and self-proclaimed Princes who make terrible life choices.
♣ Dolores Umbridge as House Bolton | creepy and manipulative; fond of pink and controlling their enemies by cutting them open.
 Fenrir Greyback as House Clegane |  the Mad Dog, or the Mountain That Bites… employed as a vicious bruiser by the other Houses.
♣ Voldemort as House Targaryen | ’madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin’; ambitious, ruthless and scarily powerful.

The Avengers as Disney characters [x]

Loki & Scar


 Everybody’s sad…but it’s kind of a weird kind of sad. My attempt at world-domination gave Thor depth, Iron Man a soul, and Captain America a brain. I don’t know what it’s given me, but I have no control over myself when I’m with the Tesseract. Are we going to Asgard or to hell?



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